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Amazon introduces ‘Dash’ to shop with AmazonFresh


Amazon Inc. (NASDAQ : AMZN) making another move in improving shopping experience introduced Amazon Dash. Amazon Dash is black and white device having a bar code reader and mic. This new hand held device would help the customers to shop for household’s and groceries with AmazonFresh service. Allowing the users to purchase from thousands of items, the Dash, a six inch device, is directly connected...


Fitch downgrades Russia outlook to negative from stable

"Fitch downgrades Russia outlook to negative from stable"

The Crimean referendum has started to have its effect on the Russian economy. Earlier, Standard & Poor’s Ratings Service on Thursday had downgraded the outlook for Russia to negative from stable. Today Fitch Ratings has cut the debt rating of Russia to negative from stable. Fitch said that the latest downgrade has been done because of the impending impact of sanctions on Russia for its...


Sony PlayStation 4 passes another 7 million mark


Sony PlayStation 4 has now just surpassed a whopping sale of 7 million units. Few months earlier which was only a 6 million units, Sony stated the sales went beyond their expectations. Available in more than 42 countries and regions, the Sony PlayStation 4 has been a great hit among all gaming consoles. But with a more number of units selling every day, the company went in temporary short of the...


Steve Martin Expresses Regret for Twitter Controversy on Blog

"Steve Martin"

Steve Martin has apologized for Twitter Controversy on blog and it would have calmed many ruffled feathers. It could be called a Comedy of errors or more aptly Errors of Comedy. A simple statement is misquoted due to a misunderstanding and soon the incident becomes viral. The person who is the centre of all this controversy had been made to apologize for something which he did not mean to do or to...


Europe retains Solheim Cup by defeating the U.S.

The Solheim Cup was retained by European Women’s golfers on U.S. soil for just the first time, after they defeated the Americans 18-10 in Colorado. The Europeans, led by Captain Liselotte Neumann needed only 3½ points entering the final day of play on Sunday to retain the Cup they won two years ago in Ireland. Nevertheless, they won five and halved four out of the 12 singles matches played on...


Researchers found a way to store solar energy in dark


Till today people knew that solar energy can be stored in the presence of sunlight but scientists have found a way to generate solar power in the dark. Researchers from MIT and Harvard used nanotubes to absorb heat from the sun and store solar energy for later use. First solar cell was discovered in 1883 by Charles Fritts who showed us the way to store solar energy using solar panel. When sunlight...


Huge Car Recall by three automakers in Japan

On Thursday, the big three carmakers of Japan announced that a recall of more than 3 million vehicles will take place around the world because of defects the air bag system has on the passenger side of the vehicles. Takata Corp, a Japanese company manufactures the air bag system in question for the three big Japanese carmakers Honda, Toyota and Nissan. Toyota is recalling the largest number of vehicles...


Federal Trade Commission Whips 4 bogus weight loss Ads

weight loss ads federal government

The Federal Authorities have started cracking the whip against companies selling weight-loss products including food additives, skin creams and dietary supplements. Makers of the weight loss additive Sensa has been asked to return $26 million to consumers as a part of a settlement of Federal Charges. The company was  indicted  for using misleading advertising claims that consumers would lose weight...


Breast Cancer recurrence can be perceived by new Blood Test

breast cancer blood test

Researchers have reported that doctors may predict the returning of breast cancer along woman’s response to treatment with the help of a new blood test. The study’s co-author and a breast cancer program co-director in Baltimore, Saraswati Sukumar said, “We did this with exactly a dollop of serum [blood].” After collecting patient’s blood, the team of researchers segregates circulating...