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Since time immemorial fruits are considered as the best eatable to keep us fit and healthy. People can easily rely on them in order to satisfy the bodily requirements of essential nutrients in a perfect amount. But what if the healthiest thing gets contaminated with serious bacteria. It has been found that fruits packed by Wawona Packing Co. (California based packing company), are contaminated with...


Bald Eagle Are Making A Comeback On California’s Channel Islands

Bald Eagle Are Making A Comeback On California's Channel Islands

The Bald Eagle has reappeared on San Clemente Island making it the fifth island from five where the highly endangered bird has made its appearance.  The news has thrilled the conservationist. San Clemente Island is one of the isles of Channel Island chain off the coast of California. The widespread use of DDT had wiped out Bald Eagle from the Channel Island. The rampant use of DDT and other pesticides...


Greg Foran to become new CEO of Walmart’s US division

Walmart Wal-Mart CEO

Bill Simon is stepping down from his U.S. CEO position at Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (NYSE:WMT), and will be succeeded by New Zealander Greg Foran, who previously ran the chain’s Asia operations. Foran will be named the new President and CEO of the U.S. division of Walmart on August 9th, the huge retail chain has said. However, it won’t be all fun and games for the new CEO. Foran will be facing...


Mozilla confirms interim CEO Chris Beard to stay permanently

Chris Beard Mozilla CEO Firefox

Mozilla, the developers of the internet browser Firefox, has recently confirmed that interim CEO Chris Beard will now permanently serve the role as CEO. Three months ago, Beard stepped in as interim CEO after Brendan Eich resigned from the position. Eich had previously donated $1,000 to the California Proposition 8, which sought to keep marriage strictly between a man and a woman. Although he made...


World famous conductor Lorin Maazel dies at 84

Photo by Chris Lee

Famous conductor Lorin Maazel died on Sunday at the age of 84, reported Castleton Festival on its website. Maazel was a former child prodigy who later directed the New York Philharmonic, the Pittsburgh Symphony and the Munich Philharmonic. Castleton Festival, an annual summer music festival that Maazel founded in 2009, said on its official website that the conductor died from pneumonia at his home...


Football World Cup 2014: Germany proves its dominance, beats Argentina in Finals


BRASIL Football World Cup 2014 – It took almost 24 years before Germany could win its 4th World cup. The victory seemed even sweeter because it is its first World Cup as a unified country. It did with style and brutal competitiveness. The crushed all their opponents and also overwhelmed and smothered two of the best players in its run up to the final. Germany subdues Argentina 1-0, and the...


Scientists uncover How babies learn very early from their mother

How babies learn very early from their mother

According to ancient Hindu mythology, Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna learnt about the intricacies of different war formations from his mother, Subhadra’s womb. It is said that Arjuna, his father, taught the details of different war formations to his wife and Abhimanyu’s mother, Subhadra when he was in her womb. In popular culture it is said that when Arjuna was explaining to Subhadra about a complex...


Nissan recalling over 226,000 cars due to faulty airbag

nissan pathfinder 2002 recall car

Nissan has issued a recall on over 226,000 additional vehicles due to a defective airbag that has impacted a number of car manufacturers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Nissan North America Inc. is recalling certain lines of Infiniti, Maxima, Pathfinder and Sentra vehicles that were made between the years 2002 and 2004. Already, the faulty airbags, which were made...


Nest launches a programme to interconnect households


Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) acquired company — Nest Labs, is now moving forward to make connected devices belonging to the category of “Internet of things.” The thermostat and smoke detector manufacturer has announced a new programme asking developers to integrate their services into the next generation of devices from Nest labs. Nest Labs have released a development kit for the developers...


Philippines Welcomes its 100 millionth child


MANILA, PHILIPPINES – With the birth of a baby girl on early Sunday, the country’s population has reached the mark of 100 million. Heaven’s sent! A lucky girl! This is how a woman of Sampaloc, Manila described her child, Chonalyn whom she gave birth on Sunday at 12:35 am at Dr. Jose Fabella Hospital in Sta Cruz, Manila. The girl weighed 2.8 kilograms, and her height corresponds to about...