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Customary Physical Exercises can shrink the menace of breast cancer

Breast Cancer

France- exercise is now linked with lowered risk of breast cancer, suggested by a new study. This study was published in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention. Researchers have found a strong link between performing modest exercises and thereby reducing the odds of breast cancer. They found the relevant evidence from experimentation on the African American women to support the statement. “The...


Bald Eagle Are Making A Comeback On California’s Channel Islands

Bald Eagle Are Making A Comeback On California's Channel Islands

The Bald Eagle has reappeared on San Clemente Island making it the fifth island from five where the highly endangered bird has made its appearance.  The news has thrilled the conservationist. San Clemente Island is one of the isles of Channel Island chain off the coast of California. The widespread use of DDT had wiped out Bald Eagle from the Channel Island. The rampant use of DDT and other pesticides...


Alpha Natural Resources Plan to Lay off 1,100 Coal Miners

Alpha Natural Resources Plan to Lay off 1,100 Coal Miners

One of largest mining groups Alpha Natural Resources has released a list of mining operations which it seeks to curtail and will lead to lay off of workers later this year. The company has announced that it will be forced to lay off 1100 workers by mid October if it is forced to idle its mines as per new carbon emission Federal regulations. The company is citing the usual reasons like a weak market...


HTC One M8 with Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 is in stores now


According to some researches, it was found that almost 85% of the global smartphone market is held by Google’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) android smartphones and 12% by Apple’s (NASDAQ: APPL) iPhone and merely 2.5% by Windows phone. After months of leaks and rumors HTC has finally released its HTC One Windows 8.1 smartphone. The device is unarguably a full feature phone coming bundled with all new Windows...


World famous conductor Lorin Maazel dies at 84

Photo by Chris Lee

Famous conductor Lorin Maazel died on Sunday at the age of 84, reported Castleton Festival on its website. Maazel was a former child prodigy who later directed the New York Philharmonic, the Pittsburgh Symphony and the Munich Philharmonic. Castleton Festival, an annual summer music festival that Maazel founded in 2009, said on its official website that the conductor died from pneumonia at his home...


Ebola outbreak makes USA Basketball cancel Senegal trip

Ebola USA Basketball Senegal

USA Basketball had plans to go to Senegal later this month before the FIBA World Cup, but the current Ebola outbreak has put a stop to those plans. The team was supposed to go to Senegal on August 27 to hold a clinic for kids in conjunction with Senegal’s national basketball team. However, the recent outbreak of the highly-infectious Ebola virus in West Africa has caused USA Basketball to cancel...


Cyborg or biobot moths may be a very real thing soon

biobot moths

Researchers are NC State recently published a study which shows progress in their goal to someday create cyborg moths – also called biobot moths. The researchers want to create biobot moths in an effort to be able to control a moth’s flight muscles. This would allow for researchers to remotely control where a moth moves and flies. They believe that if this was to be developed, it could...


New electric supercar, Renovo Coupe, makes debut (VIDEO)

Renovo Coupe electric supercar

The all-new Renovo Coupe, an American-made electric supercar, has just made its debut at Pebble Beach, California on Sunday, and it looks amazing. The supercar, which was built off of a modified chassis from Shelby American, features two electric-motors that produce an equivalent of 500 horsepower with rear-wheel drive. The Renovo Coupe can apparently get from zero to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds,...


Nest launches a programme to interconnect households


Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) acquired company — Nest Labs, is now moving forward to make connected devices belonging to the category of “Internet of things.” The thermostat and smoke detector manufacturer has announced a new programme asking developers to integrate their services into the next generation of devices from Nest labs. Nest Labs have released a development kit for the developers...


Silent strokes in sickle cell anemia can be abridged by recurrent blood transfusion


Washington –  An international study, led by Vanderbilt, has found that regular blood supply to the children suffering from sickle cell anemia can significantly reduce their risk of “silent strokes”. These strokes have been coined as silent as they are unnoticed, but can greatly damage an individual’s IQ. The study, which was followed on about 200 children suffering from the disease,...